Lou's Mission

Lou’s Mission

  • Lou’s everyday mission is to pour our love and skill into each and every batch of premium quality specialty coffee that Lou’s roasts.
  • We believe a good cup of coffee provides that which can make a good day great, be a catalyst for inspiration and innovation, create moments of introspective well-being, be the lubricant of great social engagements.
  • It is a universal beverage over which ideas are exchanged, differences settled, bonds formed, relationships blossom and satisfaction found. With each cup of Lou’s, we want to elevate your day.

Lou’s Vision

  • To source, roast and deliver the best premium quality coffees from all over the world to our customers.
  • Create an environment of artisanal and technological excellence through constant improvement and innovation, always maintaining the highest standards of quality in product and service for all external and internal members of the Lou’s community.
  • Be an active participant and leader in the advancement of social and environmentally sustainable practices within our market sector and the communities within which we operate.

 Lou’s Values

  • Build, grow and maintain a profitable and fiscally responsible business.
  • Deliver consistent quality and value to our customers.
  • Provide a living wage to our employees.
  • Every day, we strive to create a workplace environment founded on core principles of respect, safety and acceptance for all team members, partners, and the communities within which we operate.

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