The Aeropress has a cult-like following of fans for good reason. It is compact, portable, and fun to use. Making one very good cup of coffee at a time at home or on the road.

Firstly, the Aeropress is an American company and as such all their attendant measurements are delineated using the US version of the imperial system. We’ve converted to SI using the US version of 1 fluid oz = 29.57 ml. So 8 oz = 237 ml and 10 oz = 296 ml. We’re only mentioning this because a) we try to be consistent in our use of SI measurements and b) there are two capacity types of Aeropress. The Aeropress (original) is 10 oz and the Aeropress Go is 8 oz.

The recipe we’re using to prepare this cup of coffee is for the 10 oz Aeropress original. If you’re using the Aeropress Go, reduce accordingly (for this recipe, that means 20% less water and coffee).

Before we start, the Aeropress isn’t the only plunger type immersion brewer out there but it’s the one we know and love and find it to be an ideal happy medium between pour over filter and French press and a fantastic option when we're out in the wild.  

We’re sticking to our standard ratio of 15 gm coffee per 250 gm of water and we’re making a standard size cup of coffee.

What you’ll need

Coffee - 15 gm of Lou’s beans

Scale – a digital scale, battery operated and portable.

Grinder – burr grinders are best for their consistency of grind. Note: if you’re travelling an ideal hand grinder to carry with you is the Porlex Mini Grinder 2.

Aeropress Original brewer – we’re using the 10 oz (296 ml) version. Be sure to have a stirrer, one of filters, and the rest of the kit.

Carafe or mug – Whatever you’re using, check to see that the Aeropress chamber sits on top of the opening and has the capacity to hold 250 ml or more.

Kettle – When you’re out in the wild it can sometimes be hard to find an outlet for your electric kettle. In those moments we go with the Hario Smart G Kettle – its capacity is 1L, useful when making multiple cups for your camping mates, and it handles heating via open flame very nicely.

Water. Clean drinking water. Water tastes different form place to place all over the world and will affect the taste of what you’re brewing. How aware of that you’ll be depends on your individual taste sensitivity. Filtered or non-filtered, guide yourself accordingly.

Time To Brew

  1. Heat the water to off boil, around 90 C and hold.
  2. Grind 15 gm of the your favorite Lou’s beans that will elevate an already great day. Consistency should be a medium-fine grind – sorta like white sugar.
  3. Have the Aeropress inverted with the plunger on the bottom and add the coffee.
  4. Start the timer and fill the Aeropress about half-way with 125 gm of water, stop and stir.
  5. Add the other 125 gm of water to the container.
  6. At 1:30 minutes, give it another stir and then secure the filter and cap tot eh Aeropress.
  7. At 2:00 flip it onto your carafe or mug and press down slowly. Stop pressing when you hear the hissing sound. In all, this should take about 2.5 minutes from start of pour to finish of press.
  8. Enjoy that fine cup of Lou’s brew.